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Stay Connected

EAGE publishes a series of periodical newsletters to which both members as well as the wider community can subscribe. You can update your interests in your MyEAGE profile page.

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Stay Connected – the EAGE Newsletter

Stay Connected is the weekly EAGE round-up. It provides an overview of the latest activities within the Association, including:

EAGE Newsletter

  • news and developments;
  • new (online) meetings & initiatives;
  • highlights of your membership benefits;
  • upcoming online learning opportunities;
  • updates from the community.

This newsletter is available to anyone interested and is sent out each Wednesday. If you are not an EAGE member but want to receive our updates, sign up now!

Interested in updates from the EAGE digital world? Take a look at our Digital Newsletter too!

Previous editions

You can catch up with previous issues of the EAGE Newsletter below:

Stay Connected – Edition 27 14 – 20 September 2020

GET2020 Goes Online! | Four-day Online Training to Enhance Your Geostatistical Skills | Last Chance to Register for Jörg Herwanger & Dario Grana’s Courses | Online Student Lecture Tour with John D. Humphrey | Online Workshop on Mineral Exploration Geophysics | Contribute and Submit your Paper to the Second EAGE/HGS Conference on Latin America | Back to Houston with Land Seismic Data Challenges | Online Short Course on Geology Delivered in Russian | Explore New Opportunities with Machine Learning through Vasily Demyanov’s Upcoming Online EET Course | Browse All EAGE Resources on Machine Learning | Best Paper of Geophysical Prospecting 2019 Announced | Geoscience in your Kitchen!

Stay Connected – Edition 26 7 – 13 September 2020

Catch the Early Bird Fee for the EAGE Annual & NSG 2020 | Online EET with Jörg Herwanger | More Online Learning Opportunities Coming Soon | Discover All Upcoming Mineral Exploration Meetings | Community Meets at ECMOR XVII | Debuting Machine Learning in the Americas | A.I. Talks with Local Chapter London | Best Paper of Petroleum Geoscience 2019 Announced | A preview of First Break September 2020

Stay Connected – Edition 25 31 August – 6 September 2020

EAGE Origins & the Link to #RoadToAmsterdam | EAGE Award 2020 – Best Oral Presentation Announced | Multi-Discipline Online Short Courses to Add to Your Calendar | Machine Learning: Challenges to Explore | Join Next Student e-Summit on Mineral Exploration | International Day of Charity | Back to School | Multidisciplinary + Mentoring: Get Ready for a Unique Workshop on Latin America | Submit your Abstract for EAGE Workshop on Borehole Geology in Asia Pacific | New Release of Geophysical Prospecting

Stay Connected – Edition 24 24 – 30 August 2020

EAGE Award 2020 – Best Poster Presentation Announced | Call for Abstracts for 2021 Annual Conference | Multiple Interactive Online Short Courses | Our Online Fundraiser Geo Quiz – This Friday | Student e-Summit and Web Seminar on Mineral Exploration | Exploring the Potential of the Breathtaking Latin America Continent | EAGE APAC’s 1st Virtual Digital Subsurface Conference is Just 2 Weeks Away | Join Us at ECMOR XVII | Vote for the Best Photo of 2020

Stay Connected – Edition 23 17 – 23 August 2020

EAGE Honorary Member 2020 | Gain Insights on Seismic Processing | Join Our Online Fundraiser Geo Quiz | Strengthening and Developing EOR in Latin America | Register with Early Bird Fee for APAC Near Surface Meeting | Webinar on Seismic Depth Imaging | Latest Issue of Basin Research and Near Surface Geophysics now Available Online | This Month in Geoscience | Catch up with all EAGE News

Stay Connected – Edition 22 10 – 16 August 2020

New Date and Location for the NSG Conference & Exhibition 2020 | New EAGE Annual 2020 Exhibition Floorplan Available Online | EAGE Education Tours (EET) are Back | Join Interactive Online Course on Borehole Seismic Fundamentals | Petroleum Engineering for Non-Engineers | Winner of the 2020 EAGE Young Professionals Award Announced | Call for Applications for the YP Committee 2020-2022 | EAGE is Celebrating Laurie Dake & Gustavo Sclocchi Awards | Don’t Miss Out on GET2020 | Join ECMOR XVII | Join EAGE’s Summer Masterclasses for Geoscientists and Engineers | Learn from AI Experts at the EAGE/AAPG Digital Subsurface Conference | Who’s Gonna Win Best Photo of the Year?

Stay Connected – Edition 21 3 – 9 August 2020

#RoadToAmsterdam2020 | Interactive Online Short Course to Address Rock Physics and Engineering Challenges | EAGE is Making Waves with our New Hydrogeophysics Community | 2020 Conrad Schlumberger Award Winner Announced | Laurie Dake Challenge Award Winners announced today! | Participate in our Fundraiser Geo Quiz! | EOR Workshop Agenda Ready | Author of Amazonas Algorithm to Share Insights on Geological Modeling Techniques | Developments of the new HTEM System within the Smart Exploration Project | A preview of First Break August 2020

Stay Connected – Edition 20 27 July – 2 August 2020

Desiderius Erasmus Award Winner Announced | Don’t Miss the EAGE Annual 2020 Workshops | Interactive Online Short Courses with Leo Eisner and José Carcione | Bringing EAGE Education to Your Company | Still Time to Join the Programme for GET2020 | Student e-Summit on Digitalization | Informal Conversations with Experienced Geoscientists and Engineers – EAGE Summer Series, Next Tuesday | Few Days Left to Submit to Near Surface in Latin America Workshop | Learn from AI Experts at the EAGE/AAPG Digital Conference | Webinars on Geophysics with Philip Fontana and Tilman Klüver | Solving the Data Challenge in E&P | Book of the Week “Gravity and Magnetic Methods in Mineral and Oil & Gas Exploration and Production”

Stay Connected – Edition 19 20 – 26 July 2020

Join the Second EAGE Marine Acquisition Workshop – Now Hybrid | Important Announcement on Near Surface Geoscience 2020 | Upcoming Interactive Online Short Courses on 3D Printing and Reservoir Monitoring | Enrich your Knowledge on Rock Physics and Computational Geophysics | Join Our Upcoming Webinars | Congratulations to the Class of 2020 | Getting to the roots of Artificial Intelligence | New Dates for the First EAGE Online Latin America Workshop | Improve Your Geological Understanding and Scenario Appraisals with GPM 2D | Reminder: Participate in Our Online Events Survey | New E-Lecture on Drone Deployment for Onshore Seismic Acquisition

Stay Connected – Edition 18 13 – 19 July 2020 

Get a First Taste of the Dedicated Session at Amsterdam 2020 | Survey: Share Your Thoughts on Online Events | 3D Printing Interactive Online Short Course – Add a New Dimension to your Data Modelling | New Microseismic Monitoring Interactive Online Short Course with Leo Eisner | Upcoming Webinars on Reservoir Characterization and Career Development | Community Activities Pave Way For Energy Transition Conference | Empowering Innovation in Latin America | EAGE Summer Series – Six Career Masterclasses for Geoscientists and Engineers | How Geology Shapes Scotland | World Oil Webcast: An Exploration of the OSDU™ Data Platform | Multidisciplinary Connections Grow Around A.I. | Release of New Geophysical Prospecting Issue

Stay Connected – Edition 17 6 – 12 July 2020 

A Word From Our 2020-2021 President Everhard Muijzert | EAGE Awards 2020 To Be Unveiled Soon | Our Annual Papers Now Available on EarthDoc | Last Chance to Register for Laura Galluccio’s Interactive Online Short Course | Boost your Credentials with a Certificate | GET2020 Extends Call for Abstracts Deadline | Mining Exploration using Passive Seismic Methods by Prof. Deyan Draganov & Katerina Polychronopoulou | Last Week to Submit for the First EAGE Workshop on Geothermal Energy and Hydro Power in Africa | Contribute to the Programme of the Online Workshop on Near Surface in Latin America | New Living Digital Podcast: When 1+1 is greater than 2 – Fast Analytics meets E&P | Book of the Week “Advances in Gravity and Magnetic Processing and Interpretation” | International Rock Day

Stay Connected – Edition 16 29 June – 5 July 2020 

#RoadToAmsterdam2020 | Update and Certify Your Geoscience Knowledge with EAGE Interactive Online Courses | Webinar with Andrew Latham on 6 July | NSG2020 Technical Programme is Live | The Community Behind the Code | e-Summits on Energy Transition Announced | Workshop on Enhanced Oil Recovery in Latin America Goes Online | Upgrade Your Career with a Certificate in Machine Learning | When the Dilemma is To-Acquire-Or-Not-To-Acquire-Data | First Break – July 2020

Stay Connected – Edition 15 22-28 June 2020 

Annual Schedule at a Glance | Meet One of our Interactive Online Short Course Instructors | Interactive Online Short Courses Await You | Updates from EAGE Student Fund | Digital Highlights Series Concludes on 29 June | Empowering Innovation in Latin America | Local Chapter Netherlands Shares A.I. Evening | Upgrade Your Career with a Certificate in Machine Learning | Book of the Week “Operational Geomechanics – A Rock-Based Science for Environmental, Energy, and Engineering Applications” | Never a Dull Evening!

Stay Connected – Edition 14 15-21 June 2020 

Getting Ready for the EAGE Annual 2020 | Online AGMM 2020 | New Interactive Online Short Course with Piet Gerritsma | 3D Printing Interactive Online Short Course – Add a New Dimension to your Data Modelling | Laurie Dake Finalists Announced | Two New Editions of Student e-Summit | Digital Highlights Series Continues on 22 and 29 June | Workshop on Seabed Seismic Now Online | New Technical Talks Now Available Thanks to EAGE Communities | Contribute to the Success of the Energy Transition with GET2020 | Mineral Exploration Focus: a Symposium and New Webinar | Upgrade Your Career with a Certificate in Machine Learning | Book of the Week “Principles of Seismic Velocities and Time-to-Depth Conversion” | EAGE-EFG Photocontest: 12 Finalists Announced

Stay Connected – Edition 13 8-14 June 2020 

Join Online AGMM 2020 | Upcoming Interactive Online Courses with S. Ibrahim and J.J. Biteau | Book of the Week “Petroleum Geology – History, Genesis, Exploration, Resources” | New Interactive Online Short Course on 3D Printing in Geosciences | Join the Digital Highlights Series | The Technical Programme for NSG2020 is Shaping Up | Next Student Lecture Tour | Two Deliveries Scheduled for the first Smart Exploration Webinar | Newest Issue of Basin Research, Geophysical Prospecting and Near Surface Geophysics now Available Online | Game on! Our top Geoscience-Inspired Tabletop Games | More Support for our Community

Stay Connected – Edition 12 1-7 June 2020 

Watch out for “Road to Amsterdam 2020” | Results from EAGE Ballot 2020 | Upcoming Interactive Online Short Courses on Petroleum Exploration and Engineering | Upcoming Webinar on “Automated Top Salt Interpretation Using a Deep Convolutional Net” | 4 June: A Great Day for Students | 5 June 2020 is the World Environment Day | GET2020: Join the Discussion on Energy Transition, Submit your Work Today | Endeavoring forward with EAGE Communities | Webinar on Surface Wave Methods: Challenges and Solutions for Mineral Exploration | New Publication on the (Tectonic) Shelf | The Annual Local Chapters’ Reports are In | More Support for our Community | A preview of First Break June

Stay Connected – Edition 11 25-29 May 2020 

EAGE Ballot 2020: Last Chance to Vote | New Special Interest Community: Good Vibrations for Mineral Exploration | Don’t Miss Interactive Online Short Course “Rock Physics and Computational Geophysics” by José Carcione | Upcoming Webinar on “Automated Top Salt Interpretation Using a Deep Convolutional Net” | Keep your Association-Connections Warm | Student e-Summit now Scheduled on 4 June | Our Borehole Geophysics Workshop will Return in 2021 | Book of the Week “Application Manual of Geophysical Methods to Engineering and Environmental Problems” | A new Mentoring Year Starts now | European Green Deal Call Announced | Your Vote for the Best Photo of 2020 | A Cloud Solution to Improve Exploration Portfolio Prioritization

Stay Connected – Edition 10 18-24 May 2020 

New Interactive Online Short Course with José Carcione | DLP Webinar on Rock Physics Modelling of Compaction and Cementation during burial | Student e-Summit: Ready, Set, GO! | Watch out for Latest Developments in EAGE Annual 2020 | Strong Community Support for NSG 2020 | WGE and YP Opportunities in Times of Uncertainty | An Active May for EAGE Communities | Discover Insights from Leaders of the Industry on Future Oil and Gas | Book of the Week “Seismic Stratigraphy and Depositional Facies Models” | New Living Digital Podcast Series—Episode 1: President or Coder?

Stay Connected – Edition 9 11-17 May 2020 

Invitation to the 2020 Annual General Meeting for Members | Upcoming Energy Transition Online Talks with EAGE Communities | Upcoming E-Lecture Webinar on Seismic Anisotropy with Patrick Rasolofosaon | EAGE Digital 2020 Highlights Series | In Search of the Quantitative Ground Model with LC London | Book of the Week: “Lower Triassic to Middle Jurassic Sequence of the Arabian Plate” | International Day of Light 2020 | Good Vibes for Geoscientists at Work | Your Reservoirs, Wells, and Network—Connected

Stay Connected – Edition 8 4-10 May 2020 

EAGE Ballot 2020 | Join Tilman Kluver’s next webinar | New Interactive Online Short Courses | Join Upcoming Live Q&A Sessions with our E-Lecturers | New Engineering Course in EAGE’s Education Catalogue | EAGE’s Partner Project Smart Exploration to win SEG’s Distinguished Achievement Award | Local Chapter Paris Shares their Talk on Petrophysics | Exploring CCUS Solutions with EAGE Students | More Flexibility and Improved Functionalities Now Available with Petrel 2020 | Abstract Deadline Extension for the Third EAGE Conference on Offshore Exploration and Development in Mexico | A preview of First Break May

Stay Connected – Edition 7 27 April-3 May 2020 

Online Student Lecture Tours with Yucel Akkutlu in Latin America | Join Tilman Kluver’s next webinar | E-Lecture Webinar with Gilles Lambaré on Recent Advances in Ray Based Tomography | Local Chapter Paris’ First e-Lunch&Learn | First EAGE Conference on Machine Learning in Latin America | Call for Papers: “Geoscience for CO₂ Storage” in Petroleum Geoscience | A Shelf for Every Geoscientist Under Lockdown

Stay Connected – Edition 6 20-26 April 2020 

Member Experience and Volunteering Survey | Upcoming Online Learning Opportunities | Students, Assemble! First Student e-Summit Announced | Join Local Chapter London First e-Talk | More Opportunities to Publish your next Paper Open Access in Near Surface Geophysics/ Geophysical Prospecting | E-Books Discount at the EAGE Online Bookshop | New Dates for the EAGE Digital 2020 | Mentoring Programme: Big Thanks to our Mentors

Stay Connected – Edition 5 13-19 April 2020 

New Webinar with Phil Fontana | Special Issue on Geohazard Assessment planned for Near Surface Geophysics: Call for Papers | New E-Lecture on FWI | Abstract Submission Deadline Extended for NSG2020 | Achieving Business Continuity when Your Team is in ‘Lockdown’ | Geoscience and the Silver Screen

Stay Connected – Edition 4 6-12 April 2020

Learning-from-Home Activities in April | First Break Survey: Tell us what You Think about Our Magazine | Recordings of Local Chapter Paris event online |Series of Mini-Interviews Conducted by YPs with Speakers of YP Summit | #EAGEQuestiontime with our WGE Community on Twitter

Stay Connected – Edition 3 30 March-5 April 2020

Quick Survey: Help Us Improve Our Education Programmes | First Live Session with an E-Lecturer | First Break Online Temporarily Open to the Public | Digital Membership Card Available in MyEAGE | Join ResTech2020 – A Virtual Reservoir Conference | First Break Special Topics Swap: Call for Papers

Stay Connected – Edition 2 23-29 March 2020

Key Components of EarthDoc Archive Now Open to Students | Live Q&A with Our Young Professionals Community on Twitter | “Work from Home” Challenge | Some Tips from an Astronaut | EAGE-EFG PhotoContest: Hoping to Get Back in the Field Soon | Updates on First Break Distribution

Stay Connected – Edition 1 16-22 March 2020

Stay Connected in Difficult Times | EAGE Mentoring Programme 2020 | EAGE “Learning from Home” Opportunities | Local Chapter Paris’ First E-Meeting


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